Reality Creation Services

VIZ- photo-realistic visualization


Architectural visualization; product visualization; cinematics- photo-real images of places and things that only exist in your imagination.


VR- virtual reality


Environments; Characters; Weird little gizmos; we've been building them for the virtual world since the 90s.



AR- augmented reality


VR let's you go inside the computer. AR let's you bring stuff out. This is a new direction for us and we are very excited about using augmented reality to put virtual things in the real world.



CR- captured reality


We have a full body, instant capture photogrammetry studio for capturing action portrais of people and animals. We also capture art, architecture, and other real world objects either in house or on site.



PR- printed reality


One of the most exciting ideas in CG right now is that you can make it real and solid. Our 3D portraits as well as other CG assets can be prepped, printed, and plopped smack in the real world.